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Do you WANT to lose weight?

Do you NEED more energy?

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THE PLATINUM PASS gives you FULL ACCESS to both the 60-Day Weight-Loss Program and Cooking Club materials for one year.


GET PERSONAL SUPPORT from Tess (1:1 calls) and access to her team of dietitians FOR ONE YEAR to fast-track your results!


  • losing weight quickly and easily
  • rocking your favorite outfit
  • loving the way you look
  • getting great sleep
  • jumping out of bed with energy
  • feeling happy and less stressed
  • glowing and looking younger
  • bursting with confidence




JOIN Skinny60® and make your dreams your reality.

Tess Masters Drinking Turmeric Milk

Mary Elizabeth • Los Angeles, CA


“I lost 8 pounds. But, more importantly, my body shape changed for the first time in my life. I lost 2 inches in my hips, 1 1/2 inches in my waist, and went from a size 10 to a size 6. I had more energy, didn't have the afternoon slumps, and I slept better than I have in a decade. The food is phenomenal! The recipes are easy, and the program is flexible, so eating out is not difficult, you just follow the food combining principles. I made several of the recipes for parties and people raved. Friends have already signed up for the program because of the delicious food. The best part was the supportive community and the weekly calls with Tess to get direction, feedback, support, and to help each other. I will continue to follow the plan and make the recipes. I know now that if I have a bad couple of days, it's not a disaster, I just get back on the plan. Change really is possible. And, it wasn't difficult. It was enjoyable. This really worked for me!”

"I've tried a million times to lose weight, and I've failed.


Forget counting calories and carbs, obsessing over your portion sizes, and weighing yourself every day until you're crazy, miserable, or beating yourself up so much you can't get out of bed! Ditch deprivation, it's all about abundance with Skinny60®. Instead of counting calories, we're utilizing strategic combinations of foods to dial up your digestion and weight loss. The SK60® mantra is:



Forget warped carrot sticks, wilted lettuce leaves, and wet cardboard. Tess is a super-taster and creates mind-blowingly delicious flavors with healthy versions of classic comfort foods. So, you will be excited to eat the recipes, and so will your family and friends. Over 25,000 people have gone through Tess's programs, and the #1 response is: "This is the best food I've ever had." (Yep, big claim. But, we deliver.)


The portion sizes are huge. You will not be hungry. In fact, most people can't eat everything, and often have leftovers!


Follow the meal plan OR choose any recipes on our site based on your budget, lifestyle, and flavor preferences, so eating is easy and fun.


If you're busy, don't want to cook, or are traveling, you can stick with the principles and totally eat out, make your own food, and enjoy yourself at a party. Skinny60® is designed so that can follow the plan while enjoying the rest of your life.


We have a GOOD, BETTER, or BEST attitude during Skinny60®. There are no "failures". You just show up for yourself every day, and do the best that you can. If you "fall off the wagon",  relax. We're striving for PROGRESS, not perfection. Tomorrow is a new day, and we'll be there to support you. We celebrate every "WIN" in the group.


The program was created in consultation with respected dietitians and doctors, and uses proven weight-loss strategies backed up by science and research. We're not stabbing in the dark here. This is a systematic approach that works. Follow the core principles, and the weight will fall off you like hot fudge off a sundae!


With the Platinum Pass, you get personal support from Tess and her team of dietitians every day for a whole year. You have full access to consecutive live cycles of the 60-day program and all Cooking Club classes. So, you can join live video calls every single week for a year to make sure you stay on track with your weight loss and health goals.

With Skinny60®, you are NOT ALONE.

You CAN DO this. You WILL DO this.

We are here to help you CRUSH THIS! Are you ready?


Hanna • Los Angeles, CA

Down 20 Lbs. Size 12 to an 8!”

"I lost 20 pounds and went from a size 12 to an 8. I’ve always been a pretty healthy eater, but I’m a carb lover, and gained weight in college, and then even more at work socializing with drinks and appetizers. I was working out 3 to 4 times a week, but I found it really difficult to lose weight. Now, I feel so amazing. I’ve learned so much about my body and I’m more in tune. I didn’t know my digestion was out of whack. I will keep following the principles and making the recipes and my own creations at home. I’m going to indulge when I go out, but It’s good to have the tools to get back on the wagon and be successful. When you reset your digestion and health, give your body what it needs, and combine the right foods together your body is ready for what you throw at it, and the weight just falls off. I’m excited for you to learn about Skinny60® because it’s going to change your life just like it did mine."


And, I want to be your health champion. After struggling with my weight the last few years, I found the solution, and I want to share it with you! 

For most of my life, I ate healthy, exercised regularly, had a fast metabolism, and never put on weight. (Yeah...one of those people.) Until I turned 40....and everything changed. My hormones shifted, and a hectic schedule writing books and touring helped me pack on 30 pounds. I had a bloated bulging belly and saddlebags, I felt heavy and tired, and looked like a puffed up blowfish. 

The wakeup call came when my dad was diagnosed with cancer. His recovery inspired me to address my own health. I developed an eating and wellness plan for myself based on my nutrition studies, personal experience, and work in the wellness space. I lost 35 pounds, and I had more energy than I had ever had in my life. I shared the results with my community, and the response was overwhelming. So, I put a group of beta testers through the 60-day program, and the weight-loss and health transformations were extraordinary! And, the Skinny60® was born.  

The key to sustained weight loss and better health is loving the food that you're eating. And, making healthy food taste decadent and delicious is my super power. 

So, if you're feeling overwhelmed, defeated, lost, and unsure what to do to take back control of your life, let me show you how to lose the weight, and keep it off! 

Are you with me?


Toni • Melbourne, Australia

Down 30 pounds and life-changing.

"I will be forever grateful for the change this has made in my life. I lost 30 pounds (14kg), my clothes fit better, and I’m more confident. My husband joined when he saw my results. I am busy with work and two kids. So, the first week was overwhelming. But, by day 5, I was sleeping better, and waking up with energy, Over time, the hard aspects drop away, the principles become second nature, and things get easier. There are so many great recipes. I loved the chocolates, the chili, the curry! By week 4, I had the confidence to make up my own meals, and added the different sauces to make a feast! Tess is a genius with food and health, she knew everything would happen for me before it happened! For anybody who really wants to change the way they feel, this program is an investment in the rest of your life, not just 60 days."


  • Skinny60® Weight-Loss System
  • Over 200 delicious, healthy recipes
  • Weekly Meal Plans
  • Weekly Shopping Lists
  • Nutrition Software
  • Weight Loss Journal
  • Digestive Evaluation
  • Protein Evaluation
  • Eating Out & Travel Guide
  • Exercise Guide
  • Food Combining Cheat Sheets


  • Live Weekly Cooking Classes
  • Club Recipe Archives
  • Cooking Class Video Archives
  • Monthly Video Calls with Wellness Experts


  • 1:1 Video Calls with Tess
  • Support from Dietitians
  • Weekly Video Calls 
  • Weekly Office Hours
  • Daily Emails
  • Private Facebook Community




  • Chocolate Espresso
  • Glowing Green
  • Blueberry Pie 
  • Grapefruit Fennel
  • Berry Mint Magic


  • Avocado Toast
  • Overnight Noats
  • Breakfast Fry
  • Nutty Seedy Cereal
  • Almond Chia Pudding


  • Taco Salad
  • Panzanella 
  • Avocado Chimichurri 
  • Marinated Mushroom 
  • Asian Eggplant 


  • Creamy Cauliflower 
  • Meaty Mushroom
  • Vegetable Chowder
  • Roasted Butternut Squash 
  • Coconut Lemongrass 


  • Bolognese 
  • "Mac" and Cheese
  • Cauliflower Fried Rice
  • Mushroom Stroganoff
  • Avocado Sushi


  • Almond Crackers
  • Chocolates
  • Bean-Free Hummus
  • Lemon Pudding
  • Guacamole
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Hope • O'AHU, HI


“Skinny60® has been an amazing game-changer for me. I lost 20 pounds! Before doing this program, I had struggled with my weight since puberty. I had tried all of the different fad diets, and never lost more than 5 or 10 pounds, and when I stopped those diets, the weight came back. The program helped me understand how my body processes food and how sensitive I was to carbs so I could change my habits. But, the most amazing benefit was how my sleep improved. I’ve had insomnia for years and have not been able to sleep for more than 4-5 hours without a sleep aid. But, within a week of starting, I was sleeping through the night and waking up refreshed which hasn’t happened in years!  The program has so much detailed information, and I love the recipes. They are so easy and delicious, and my friends love them too. I will use the tools and food in my daily life for many years to come. This has been an incredible experience.”


How much weight will I lose?

Factors like diet, age, gender, body size, muscle mass, genes, hormones, environment, drugs, and physical activity influence metabolism. Base metabolic rate (BMR) measures energy use at rest; and above-base metabolic rates vary with activity and stress.

Our healthy meal plan, in conjunction with regular exercise, is an effective way to help regulate metabolism and lose weight. But, how much weight you will lose on the program will vary. Having said that, on average, previous participants have lost between 10 and 48 pounds.

Listen to the amazing results from previous participants.

What kinds of recipes are included?

You have access to over 200 recipes that are:

  • low carb
  • plant-based (dairy-free, egg-free)
  • gluten-free
  • soy-free
  • sugar-free

You have the option to supplement the recipes with animal protein from our approved list, and you can mix and match recipes to suit your dietary stripes, flavor preferences, and budget.

How much will the groceries cost?

You will do one pantry shop before your start the program to get the staples (olive oil, vinegar, etc) that are used in the recipes for the 60 Days. That typically costs about $300.

Then, once your kitchen is set up, we estimate the cost of the produce to be about $100 and $120 per week. Costs will vary according to how you customize the meal plans, and how many recipes you make.

If you choose to supplement the plant-based recipes with high quality animal protein, your grocery bill may be higher (although, you will not be consuming as many nuts and seeds).

How long will the food prep take?

On average, it takes about 1 hour per day to make the meals and snacks; and 3 to 4 hours on the prep day to get ready for the next week.

Most recipes take between 10 and 30 minutes to prep or assemble. You will often be eating leftovers for lunch to make prep easier. There are a handful of recipes that take 1 hour. But, you will make them once, and freeze portions for future weeks.

So, your food prep will decrease as your move through the program.

Will I be hungry?

Not likely. This is not a starvation diet, it is a celebration of food, flavor, and abundance.

You will be eating three to five times each day (breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner.) In addition to this, the portions on the meal plan are deliberately generous to accommodate even the most voracious appetites.

Having said that, everybody is different, and should you feel hungry, we have provided delicious snack recipes as well as list of recommended snacks.

Will I get enough protein?

Yes, and you control your protein intake using our protein boosters once you determine your needs with our Protein Evaluation. The core recipes are high in plant-based protein, and then you have the choice to supplement the recipes with high quality animal protein from our approved list and/or additional plant protein.

Can I eat out and travel?

Yes! The Skinny60™ is a flexible program that you can follow while living your regular life with family and friends.

Sticking to the meal plans will help you get the best results. But, working, socializing, and traveling is a normal part of life. And, some days, we all just don't feel like cooking!

You can eat out, go to parties, and travel on the program. Our Eating Out and Travel Guide make choosing meals easy!

Can I eat the food with my family?

Absolutely! The recipes can be scaled with a click of the button with our meal plan software.

Many participants do the program with their spouse or partner. And, the recipes are family-friendly, and many dishes such as the bread, crackers, pudding, chocolates, and smoothies are really popular with kids so you can teach them healthy habits, too.

Can I drink coffee and tea?

Yes! Caffeine can aid weight loss and fat burning when consumed at appropriate times for your activity levels and workout schedule.

If you do consume caffeine, we recommend consuming it in moderation in the morning or afternoon, not in the evening, to support quality rest and sleep.

Our daily routine guidelines can help you learn more about making caffeine work for you during the program.

Can I drink alcohol?

This is the Skinny60™, not the Dry60.

A glass of alcohol here and there on the "Your Choice" days (Saturdays and Sundays) will not impede your progress, when consumed in moderation.

However, you will get the best results if you refrain from consuming alcohol during the program, particularly wine and other alcohol that is higher in sugar.

Do I have to exercise?

You will get the best results with your weight-loss agenda if you move and exercise as much as possible every day.

Develop your exercise protocol based on your level of comfort and ability in consultation with your doctor or healthcare practitioner. We do not provide a formal exercise routine.

Do I need to consult with my doctor?

Even though this is a clean eating program and is not an extreme approach, we recommend that you make an appointment with your doctor or healthcare practitioner who is familiar with your medical history to determine whether the Skinny60™ program is suitable for you.

We also recommend reviewing your current medications and supplements with your practitioner to determine whether our recommended supplements (multivitamin, digestive enzymes, glutamine, magnesium, and probiotics) are right for you.

Can I participate if I'm being treated for a medical condition?

It depends on what the condition is and what the circumstances are. Please consult with your doctor or practitioner to get approval to participate in the Skinny60™ program, and reach out to us with any questions.

Can I do the program if I'm pregnant or nursing?

No, we do not recommend pregnant and nursing mothers participate in the program.


John • Sacramento, CA

I'm back to the weight in my 40’s!

"I am 73 years old, I lost 17 pounds, and my weight is down to 157 pounds. I haven’t been below 165 since I was in my 40’s! My BMI went down 2.5, I lost 2 1/2 inches around my waist and hips, and I’m able to wear clothes that I thought were a lost cause. I’ve had knee surgery, and losing 17 pounds has made exercising easier, and now there is little or no pain. The thing I like best about Skinny60® is that I never felt hungry or deprived, the recipes were flavorful, they filled me up, and I often had leftovers. I’m still cooking the recipes. I love the bolognese, and so did my family. Food combining improved my digestion, and I’ve had less gas. The menus, educational materials, and weekly calls helped keep me on track. I was pretty health-minded and physically active. So, the program helped reinforce good habits, and make me conscious of some bad habits I had picked up. I will continue with the good habits so I keep learning to stay healthy and strong. This program is fabulous, and it really works!"

Not ready to lose weight, have more energy, and look incredible?

Don't leave empty-handed.

Enjoy some of the most popular Skinny60™ recipes.

Skinny60® Weight Loss Recipe Cookbook

Eunice • Pass Christian, MS

"I lost 24 pounds - 54 in total!"

"I weighed 260 pounds when I started with Tess’s programs. I was eating healthy, but just couldn’t lose weight. But, with the tools, new habits, and wonderful food, I’ve lost 54 pounds, and believe this is something I can sustain for the rest of my life. This is not some fad diet. The game changer was the food combining. You do that, and the weight just comes off! This is the first time I have been able to sustain weight loss, and it feels so great. I am confident that with more cycles of Skinny60®, I am going to blow my goals out of the water and get to my 155 “driver’s license” weight."

We have answers, and want to help you find solutions to achieve your weight loss and health goals.

Contact us and we'll get back to you.