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Key Features

  • Proven System

  • Live Personal Support

  • Access to Dietitians

  • Over 200 Delicious Recipes

  • Customizable Meal Plans

  • Shopping Lists

  • Kitchen Tutorials

  • Nutrition Guides


Money-Back Guarantee

If the 60-Day Reset doesn’t help you within the first two weeks of the program, contact us, and we will issue a refund.


Your first payment of US$397 will be charged during the time of purchase. Then, you will be charged the second payment of US$397 one month later, and then the third (and final) payment or US$397, one month after that. 

Right after purchase you will receive an email with login credentials to the SK60® website. After completing the intake agreement we will activate your membership, and you will have complete access to all program materials. 

All of the recipes are plant-based (dairy-free, egg-free), gluten-free, soy-free, and sugar-free. You have the option to supplement the recipes with animal or plant protein from our approved list. 

Not likely. The recipe portions are deliberately generous to accommodate even the largest appetites. This is not a starvation diet, it is a celebration of food, flavor, and abundance. We are not counting calories. You will be eating three to five times each day (breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner, if you choose to.) Having said that, everybody is different, and should you feel hungry, we have provided delicious snack recipes as well as a list of recommended snacks.

Yes, and you control your protein intake using our protein boosters once you determine your needs with the SK60® Protein Evaluation. The core recipes are high in plant-based protein, and then you supplement the recipes with plant or animal protein from our approved list.

Absolutely! Use the Living Plate® Rx Meal Planning software to scale recipes up (and automatically add the ingredients to your shopping list) with one click of a button. Many participants do the program with their partner. And, the recipes are family-friendly, and many dishes such as the bolognese, bread, crackers, pudding, chocolates, and smoothies are really popular with kids so you can teach them healthy habits, too.

Yes! The 60-Day Reset is a flexible program that you can follow while living your life with family and friends. Using the SK60® meal plans and recipes that have been vetted by our dietitians will help you get great results. But, you can still get good results by sticking to the recommended foods lists, and adhering to the food combining guidelines. You can eat “off meal plan”, eat out, and travel during the program. Our Eating Out and Travel Guide makes choosing meals easy!

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