The information shared on the Skinny60® site and in the Skinny60® programs does not replace the guidance of a doctor, registered dietician, or other licensed medical practitioner who is familiar with your specific health issues. 

Please schedule a consultation with your doctor or medical practitioner before starting the Skinny60® programs to assess your current state of health. He/She can also help guide your choices with regards to medications and supplements while doing the 60-Day Reset or 7-Day Kickstart

If you are taking any medications, being treated for any condition or have a digestive disorder or other illness, please consult your doctor or medical practitioner before participating in the Skinny60® programs. 

We do not recommend that pregnant or lactating women participate in the Skinny60® programs. 

With regards to movement (gentle activity or strenuous exercise), please consult a fitness professional, particularly if you have an injury or ailment.