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Hey, I'm Tess Masters, The Blender Girl!

My superpower is making healthy eating delicious and fun. 

STOP DIETING.  It is not sustainable, and it is miserable.

To get lasting results, you need to know HOW to eat for YOUR body.

I work with an amazing team of medical practitioners to help you figure it out.

Get Healthy with Great Food and Coaching from Dietitians.

The 60-DAY RESET is NOT a diet. 

This is a live program with personalized nutrition guidance.

We get to know you, and help you make a plan that suits your lifestyle, dietary preferences, and budget.

We've helped OVER 30,000 PEOPLE get back on track, sleep better, gain energy, reduce inflammation, lose weight, and LIVE A BETTER LIFE.

Ready to get healthy without starving yourself?

Great! Keep reading to learn more about how we can help you.

Tess Masters
better gut health is the key!
Better Gut Health is Key

The “Gut-Brain Connection” Rules Your Body.

Your gut sends messages to your brain to control your Appetite, Blood Sugar, Hormones, and Metabolism.

A bad gut is like a glitchy computer that sends the wrong messages.

Have you tried a ton of diets and “failed”?

It’s because diets focus on weight. But, don’t fix the root cause of the weight problem.

You cannot achieve better health without better digestion.

When you improve your digestion, your gut sends the right messages, and EVERYTHING gets better!

The 60-DAY RESET aims to improve your gut health so you can reach ALL of your health goals.

We've worked with some of the most respected doctors and dietitians in the country to combine PROVEN NUTRITION STRATEGIES into a SIMPLE SYSTEM that really works!

We will teach you HOW To Eat Strategically so Your Body Runs Better.



We have helped thousands of people get healthy.

And, we want to help YOU!
Give Us 60 Days

You will be amazed at how great you feel!

  • Learn How To Eat For YOUR body

  • Improve Gut Health and Digestion

  • Get Rid of Sugar Cravings

  • Optimize Blood Sugar and Hormones

  • Lower Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

  • Reduce Inflammation

  • Sleep Well and Boost Your Energy

  • Look and Feel Younger

  • Lose Weight with Delicious Food

If you don't feel incredible, we'll give you a refund.

Join the next 60-Day Reset. 

$997 - Money Back Guarantee

"I lost the menopause weight, and it was SO easy!"

I joined because I wanted to see how good I could feel at 54. With menopause, I put on weight and couldn’t lose it, sleep was a problem, and I didn’t feel energized. With Skinny60, I got to my goal weight! I lost 17.5 pounds, and I know I can lose more really easily because the food is UNBELIEVABLE. You will be licking bowls!  Once you get past the first few weeks of being “activated” with the nutrition education and you’ve got your systems up and running, this is SO easy, and you can keep doing it! This is unlike any other program I’ve done. I did the 2 and 5 and Weight Watchers, and even though I had success, it was painful doing the actual diet, and I never felt like it was sustainable. This IS! The support with this program is incredible, the Facebook group is fantastic. It is a wonderful community to help you through your health journey. I cannot recommend this enough. It really will change your life! 

Stephanie - Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

Why is the program 60 days?


    A proper digestive tune-up takes about 8 weeks. You cannot achieve better health without better digestion.


    You will go through two hormonal cycles. The food you eat affects the production and secretion of hormones that regulate proper metabolic function.


    This is a good length of time to implement the program principles, and solidify the practices into new healthy habits.


"Skinny60" is not about fat-shaming or an obsession with being "thin".

In this community, SKINNY means: HEALTH, AWARENESS, and CONFIDENCE to make strong choices at any size

YOU get the "skinny" (information) about what YOUR body needs for better health.

60-Day Reset: Here's What You Get
60-Day Reset: Here's What You Get
Tess Masters in white tshirt
Plus Get These Bonuses!
  • 200 Recipe and Kitchen Tutorials

    to hone your healthy cooking skills.

  • Interviews with Health Experts

    to expand your nutrition education.

  • Cheat Sheets

    to make following the program super easy.

Join the next 60-Day Reset.

$997 - Money Back Guarantee


This has been a life-changing experience. I have participated in many other weight loss programs, and the Skinny60® program is the best out there for weight loss and improving your overall health. I lost 38 pounds, my BMI is down, I'm off my blood pressure medication, I have more energy, I sleep better at night, I feel good about myself, and enjoy the compliments I am getting. I have learned so much, and changed my relationship with food. I made every recipe and each one was absolutely delicious. You can’t beat the price of this program. It is worth a lot more! You can’t lose with the knowledge, support, guidance, and availability Tess brings to the table. Whether it is with encouraging emails, Facebook posts, or on the video calls, she brings it to you in such a loving, giving way. And the time she spends with each participant encouraging you every step of the way to ensure you get amazing results is absolutely priceless.

Grace - Galena, OHIO



OVER 30,000 people

have used our programs to boost their health and energy.


cookbooks sold

with Penguin Random House.


2 million people

in The Blender Girl community are using our health tips to live their best life!


  • Evaluate and Make a Plan

Our Team Will Review Your Needs


    To determine your gut health and digestion, set goals for improvement, and create a benchmark to track progress.


    To determine your protein needs in order to optimize your blood sugar, hormones, and body function. 


    We will review your situation and provide detailed guidance to use the program to achieve your health goals in a way that suits your lifestyle, dietary preferences, and budget. 

  • Eat Delicious Food

Over 200 Delicious Recipes

What are your dietary preferences?

All of our recipes are vegan and gluten-free, and follow food combining principles.

Supplement the meals with protein of your choice.

Don't feel like cooking the recipes?

Make simple meals, eat out, and travel.


    Core Recipes + Animal Protein


    Core Recipes + Plant Protein (and eggs)


    vetted by our dietitians, and geared for better digestion and weight loss.


    to customize your meals, snacks, and drinks, and review the nutrition data.


    makes it easy to get your supplies. 

  • Get Personal Health Coaching

We Support You Every Step of the Way

We will be your PERSONAL COACHES for 60 days to make sure you GET GREAT RESULTS.

Ready to take your health to the next level?

$997 - Money Back Guarantee
Karen W

"This helped me recover from cancer."

I was introduced to the SK60® program through my chiropractor. I initially joined to get a handle on my nutrition goals. But, right as we started, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It really took the wind out of my sails, and it reset my goals: To support my healing from the radiation, surgery, and drug therapy. I was so blessed to have so much support from Tess and her staff, the dietitians, and all of the wonderful people that were doing the program with me. Everybody was cheering me on! A year later, I went back for tests, and my medical team declared me “cancer-free”, and took me off the high risk list for recurrence! This program helped me improve every aspect of my health. My doctors asked me what I was doing to make such amazing progress and changes in such a short period of time! The recipes, food recommendations, health advice, moral encouragement, and live support really helped me navigate a difficult time, and now I’m moving forward with better health! I love the food first approach. I take fewer supplements, and just eat the delicious meals (that my family love), and I have more energy, and feel fantastic. I am so grateful for this program, and for the lovely people I have connected with from around the world. It has truly been a transformational experience.

Karen - Kansas City, MISSOURI


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60-Day Reset: Here's What You Get
60-Day Reset: Here's What You Get

YOU GET $10,239 VALUE for US$997!

$9997 or 3 payments of $397


Science-based, proven strategies to achieve better health.




Get personal nutrition guidance to use the program for your needs.




200 delicious recipes strategically designed to maximize your results.




Learn from our dietitians and ask questions face-to-face.




Get practical help for how to make the program work in your life.




Our team will review your situation and give personal recommendations.



3 Month Living Plate® Membership

Customize your meal plans, generate grocery lists, and track nutrient intake.




Over 250 nutrition, cooking, and ingredient tips to enhance your results.




With leading health and wellness practitioners to expand your knowledge.




Handy printables so you know exactly what to do.




Tap into our supportive community of women from all over the world.





    BEST VALUE: Pay in full and save! 


    BUDGET-FRIENDLY: Pay as you go.

Gina S Square

"I lost 30 pounds and no Lupus flares in two years!"

I can’t rave enough about the Skinny60 program. It really changed my life. I have Lupus, and it’s been a long challenging journey with lots of doctors and medications. I was sick all the time, and was in the hospital a lot. It wasn’t a fun way to live. Doctors had suggested I change the way I eat, but I was hesitant because I thought eating well was going to taste horrible and be really expensive, and I didn’t want to give up my comfort foods. “Junk food made me happy.” But, I joined the program and started eating the food, and I was so surprised how utterly amazing it was and how quickly I started feeling better! I realized that junk food wasn’t making me feel good. It was making me sluggish and tired. The Skinny60 food is absolutely incredible. It tastes better and is better for me. And, my family love the food, too! It was such an amazing feeling to know there was something out there that could offer me relief besides all of the meds I was taking. I’m sleeping better, I have more energy, and my skin is better. My inflammation is down which means my pain is down. I haven’t had a Lupus flare in two years, and I take less meds now. And, I’ve lost 38 pounds! It is just amazing. I am doing this for life. I am so excited to be on this journey and get healthy. I really wish I had been brave enough to join the program sooner. Sign up. Do not delay. See how this can change your life.

Gina - Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA


About Tess With Dietitians
i want to be your health champion
i want to be your health champion

Hey, I'm Tess Masters, The Blender Girl!


I'm a health coach, cook, and author of The Blender Girl cookbooks with Penguin Random House.

My superpower is making healthy living easy, delicious, and fun.

I love putting incredible flavors together so you're excited to eat healthy food.

I created the SK60® System through my personal experience.

Menopause Hit Me Hard In My 40's

I gained over 30 pounds, and had insomnia, brain fog, muscle aches and pains, hot flashes, sweats, and dramatic mood swings.

At the same time, my dad got cancer.


So, I created a Gut Health Protocol (in consultation with our practitioners) and the results were extraordinary!

Dad made a full recovery and lost 20 pounds. All of my symptoms of menopause went away, and I lost over 30 pounds.

We both regulated our blood sugar and hormones, and were sleeping through the night, and had more energy than we'd had in years!

So, I consulted with leading doctors and dietitians to fine-tune my system to help other men and women, and the 60-DAY RESET was born.


My dietitians and I are dedicated to helping you reach your goals with personalized nutrition support.

We get to know you, evaluate your health, and create a plan to suit your lifestyle, dietary preferences, and goals.

Are you going to be the next success story?


"I have so much more energy for my kids!"

Skinny60® was life-changing. I lost 12 pounds, and I went from a size 14 to a 10! My husband did it with me, and he lost over 30 pounds! My relationship with food has totally changed. It’s not a relationship of guilt anymore. I feel happier, healthier, empowered, excited, and I have so much more energy for my life and for my kids! My digestion is better, I feel confident, my restless leg syndrome went away, and the pain from my endometriosis is a fraction of what it used to be. And the recipes are so good and packed with flavor! We love the tacos, bolognese, lasagna, crackers, and chocolates, and so did our friends who ate them! The food feels like an indulgence, rather than a sacrifice. The knowledge that came from this program and how I feel is priceless. This is an upgrade to your lifestyle and diet. It takes some adjusting at first. But, once you do it and you see the results and feel so great, you don’t want to go back. This is a permanent change for me and my family.

Tara - Phoenix, ARIZONA

Get Health with


July 15 - September 12th.

$997 - Money Back Guarantee


This is a live program with full support from me and my team of dietitians with Video Calls, Office Hours, and access to our private Facebook group. You get a Program Guide with the SK60® System, over 200 Recipes, 9 Weekly Meal Plans and Shopping Lists, Foods Guides and Cheat Sheets to help you follow the program, and a Journal to track your progress. You will also receive a Checkup List to consult with your doctor or medical practitioner (if you wish to) and a Digestive Evaluation and Protein Evaluation to assess your current state of health and needs in order to effectively track your progress for the best results!

Upon purchasing, you will receive an email with a login and password to the SK60® website where you can view and download the program materials. You will receive access to the Living Plate® Rx Nutrition platform one week before the program begins.

With the 60-Day Reset, you'll learn:

  1. The state of your digestion and gut health, and how to improve it for better health and fast weight loss. 
  2. How much protein your body needs to thrive each day. (This is a game-changer.)
  3. The best foods to eat for weight loss and energy.
  4. How to combine foods to beat the bloat, reduce gas, and acid reflux.
  5. Effective strategies to drop the pounds easily, and gain more energy. 
  6. How to cook healthy meals with fabulous flavor so you can change your eating habits for long-term results! 
  7. The best snacks and beverages to support your weight-loss journey. 

At this time, all of the materials for the 60-Day Reset are only available in digital format. All materials can be downloaded and printed from the SK60® website. You can print the pages and keep them in a binder; or save the downloads to your digital device; or print the cheat sheets to place on your fridge or board for easy reference.

If you are ready to make long-term food and lifestyle changes, and want full support and accountability to achieve better health, improve your digestion, get better quality of sleep, gain more energy, and lose weight, the 60-Day Reset is for you! You will need to stick to the daily routine, purchase the recipe ingredients, and cook the recipes (or follow the food guidelines) in order to be successful. If you do not want to try something new and do not want to follow the guidance and routine laid out in the program, the 60-Day Reset is not for you. If you have food allergies to nuts and seeds (particularly almonds or hemp seeds) or avocado, many of the recipes in the program may not be suitable for you. However, you do not need to make the SK60® recipes to get great results. You can simply stick to the approved foods and follow the food combining principles to make things quicker and easier. There are guidelines for this simplified version in the program materials.

You get access to the complete SK60® program for a one-time payment of US$997 OR three monthly payments of US$397. With both payment options, you get immediate access to all program materials. You get the SK60® System, Meal Plan, Recipes, Shopping List, Health Evaluations, and all Cheat Sheets. You maintain access to these materials for life. 

We want to help you reach your health goals and get real results. So, we have a 14-day money-back guarantee once you start the program. If the 60-Day Reset doesn’t help you in the first two weeks of the program, contact us, and we will issue a refund. 

Factors like diet, age, gender, body size, muscle mass, genes, hormones, environment, drugs, and physical activity influence metabolism. Base metabolic rate (BMR) measures energy use at rest; and above-base metabolic rates vary with activity and stress. Our healthy meal plan, in conjunction with regular exercise, is an effective way to help regulate metabolism and lose weight. But, how much weight you will lose on the program will vary. Having said that, on average, previous participants have lost between 10 and 30 pounds. Watch the testimonials from previous participants to get an idea of what people experience during the program.

You will get the best results if you move and exercise as much as possible every day. Develop your exercise protocol based on your level of comfort and ability in consultation with your doctor or healthcare practitioner. We do not provide a formal exercise routine as part of the 60-Day Reset. However, we do have exercise guidelines that have been developed in consultation with our wellness practitioners.

Yes! Caffeine can aid weight loss and fat burning when consumed at appropriate times for your activity levels and workout schedule. If you do consume caffeine, we recommend consuming it in moderation before noon, not in the afternoon and evening, to support quality rest and sleep. The SK60® Daily Routine can help you learn more about making caffeine work for you during the program.

This is the Skinny60®, not the Dry60. A glass of alcohol here and there on the "Your Choice" days (Saturdays and Sundays) will not impede your progress, when consumed in moderation. However, you will get the best results if you refrain from consuming alcohol during the program, particularly wine and other alcohol that is higher in sugar.

You have access to over 200 healthy recipes that are:

  • plant-based (dairy-free, egg-free)
  • gluten-free
  • soy-free
  • sugar-free

Use the nutrition software to customize your meal plan and choose the recipes, foods, snacks, and beverages you want to suit your dietary and flavor preferences, and budget.

You also supplement the recipes with plant or animal protein from our approved list to meet your protein needs as determined by the SK60® Protein Evaluation.


If you cannot source a particular ingredient, there are substitution suggestions in the recipes. If you don’t like a particular ingredient or recipe, there are “off meal plan” suggestions you can slot into the program. If you have food allergies to nuts and seeds (particularly almonds or hemp seeds) or avocado, some of the recipes on the 60-Day Reset may not be suitable for you. But, you can choose alternate recipes.

You will do one pantry shop before you start the program to get the staples (olive oil, vinegar, etc) that are used in the recipes for the 60 Days. You may have many of the staple ingredients in your kitchen already. If you do not, the first shop typically costs about $200. Then, once your kitchen is set up, we estimate the cost of the produce to be between $100 and $120 per week. Costs will vary according to how you customize the meal plan, and what food you make. If you choose to supplement the plant-based recipes with high quality animal protein, your grocery bill may be higher (although, you will not be consuming as many nuts and seeds).

We estimate that your grocery bill for the two weeks will be $300 to $400 depending on what pantry items you already have on hand. All of the ingredients (mostly fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, and oils) can be found at mainstream grocery stores.

This depends on what food you make. But, on average, it takes about 1 hour per day to make the meals and snacks; and 3 to 4 hours on the prep day to get ready for the next week. You can search the SK60® Recipe Center for 10, 20, 40, and 60 minute recipes according to your preference and schedule. The meal plans are structured so that you will often be eating leftovers for lunch the next day to make prep easier. And, for the more involved recipes, you will make them once, and freeze portions for future weeks. So, your food prep will decrease as you move through the program.

Not likely. The recipe portions are deliberately generous to accommodate even the largest appetites. This is not a starvation diet, it is a celebration of food, flavor, and abundance. We are not counting calories. You will be eating three to five times each day (breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner, if you choose to.) Having said that, everybody is different, and should you feel hungry, we have provided delicious snack recipes as well as a list of recommended snacks.

Yes, and you control your protein intake using our protein boosters once you determine your needs with the SK60® Protein Evaluation. The core recipes are high in plant-based protein, and then you supplement the recipes with plant or animal protein from our approved list.

Yes! The 60-Day Reset is a flexible program that you can follow while living your life with family and friends. Using the SK60® meal plans and recipes that have been vetted by our dietitians will help you get great results. But, you can still get good results by sticking to the recommended foods lists, and adhering to the food combining guidelines. You can eat “off meal plan”, eat out, and travel during the program. Our Eating Out and Travel Guide makes choosing meals easy!

Absolutely! Use the Living Plate® Rx Meal Planning software to scale recipes up (and automatically add the ingredients to your shopping list) with one click of a button. Many participants do the program with their partner. And, the recipes are family-friendly, and many dishes such as the bolognese, bread, crackers, pudding, chocolates, and smoothies are really popular with kids so you can teach them healthy habits, too.

Even though this is a clean eating program and not an extreme approach, we recommend that you make an appointment with your doctor or healthcare practitioner who is familiar with your medical history to determine whether the 60-Day Reset is suitable for you. We also recommend reviewing your current medications and supplements with your practitioner to determine whether our recommended supplements (multivitamin, digestive enzymes, glutamine, magnesium, and probiotics) are right for you.

It depends on what the condition is and what the circumstances are. Please consult with your doctor or practitioner to get approval to participate in the 60-Day Reset, and reach out to us with any questions.

No, we do not recommend pregnant and nursing mothers participate in the 60-Day Reset.


"All of my bloodwork improved and I found my waist!"

I lost over 30 pounds, my BMI is down by 5, blood pressure is back to normal, glucose level from 103 to 88, and my A1c went from 6.1 to 5.4. I’m off my decades long diet coke habit, and I found my waist! Before Skinny60® I was an emotional eater, and ate everything in sight whether I was hungry or not. The Skinny60® recipes filled me up, and I improved my cooking skills. The food combining and protein needs were eye-openers, and now my digestion is much better. I’ve experienced much higher energy levels, and my mood has stabilized in a very good way. The website has all the information you need to be successful on the program and beyond. I can do more than I could previously, and I feel empowered to keep going to reach my health goals. I have a long way to go, but I truly believe I can do it. I’m anxious to repeat the program. This has been a great start to the rest of my life.

Liz - Kansas City, KANSAS





We want to help you get fantastic results.

If the 60-DAY RESET doesn't help you feel incredible


60-Day Reset Mobile
60-Day Reset: Here's What You Get

"No other program does this! It is just incredible."

This program made a very big difference in my life. I never thought I needed a “diet” program. I’m an athlete, I felt really great, and felt good about my body, and thought I had my nutrition down. But, I was amazed at the structure of the 60 days and what I learned. This program really made me stop and think about what I was eating, and taught me a lot about my relationship with food. I love to cook and I love to eat. But, I never thought about my digestion, and I realized that I needed to understand the right combination of protein, fats, and carbs to put into my body in order to perform my best. I lost 15 pounds, and felt lighter, more energetic, my recovery after workouts was quickerI I was shocked. The 60 days goes by so fast, and you learn SO much. The support that Tess and her team provide to the group is amazing. We get together every week, and encourage each other to stick with it and learn about ourselves. This program really empowers you to learn about nutrition and the importance of good digestion, and the merits of really good food. No other program does what this program does. I loved it so much I did it twice, and I’m also in Tess’s Cooking Club because the food is so great. Give this a try. You are going to be surprised in the most incredible way.

Penny - Southborough, MASSACHUSETTS