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  • Free Cookbook

    Try five of our most popular easy healthy dinners for free, and taste how delicious the food is. All of the recipes are plant-based (dairy-free, egg-free), gluten-free, soy-free, and sugar-free. You can supplement the recipes with animal protein if you wish to.


    This self-guided program includes a 7-day meal plan, 20 delicious recipes, a healthy eating guide, and a series of strategies to kickstart your path to better health and sustainable weight-loss. Many people start with this short program to try the SK60® System before joining the 60-Day Reset. 


    Get access to over 100 strategic recipes and recorded cooking classes to develop your plant-based cooking skills, learn how to pair flavors to create sensational meals at home, and gain nutrition knowledge to make better food choices to achieve better health eating delicious food! 

  • 60-DAY RESET

    The most popular option to fast-track your results. Join our comprehensive live-guided program to improve your gut health and digestion, sleep better, gain more energy, regulate your blood sugar levels, decrease inflammation, lose weight, and achieve better health with personal support from me and my team of dietitians. 


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Grace • Galena, OH

“I lost 38 pounds and got off my blood pressure meds!"

"This has been a life-changing experience. I have participated in many other weight loss programs, and the Skinny60® program is the best out there for weight loss and improving your overall health. I lost 38 pounds, my BMI is down, I'm off my blood pressure medication, I have more energy, I sleep better at night, I feel good about myself, and enjoy the compliments I am getting. I have learned so much, and changed my relationship with food. I made every recipe and each one was absolutely delicious. You can’t beat the price of this program. It is worth a lot more! You can’t lose with the knowledge, support, guidance, and availability Tess brings to the table. Whether it is with encouraging emails, Facebook posts, or on the video calls, she brings it to you in such a loving, giving way. And the time she spends with each participant encouraging you every step of the way to ensure you get amazing results is absolutely priceless."


5 Easy Dinners photo
5 Easy Healthy Dinners photo

Not ready to get healthy, lose weight, and have more energy?

Don't Leave Empty-Handed.

Enjoy some of the most popular SK60® dinner recipes.


Hey, I'm Tess!

There are millions of people in The Blender Girl community using my health tips and recipes to get healthy, and I want to help you, too!

Our focus in this community is better gut health, because you can't achieve better health if your digestion is impaired. So, we start by helping you get rid of gas, bloating, acid reflux, excessive inflammation, and other symptoms of poor health. And, then, everything else gets better...and you can lose weight and keep it off!

My passion is making healthy living easy, delicious, and fun! I created the SK60® System after I turned 40, my hormones shifted, I was exhausted, I packed on over 30 pounds, and I looked like a puffed up blowfish.

I lost over 35 pounds, my hot flashes stopped, I  was sleeping through the night, and had more energy than I had ever had. So, I consulted with some of the top doctors and dietitians in the country to fine-tune this system for other people. Then, I brought on a team of dietitians to support participants through the program, and the transformations have been INCREDIBLE.

My superpower is putting mind-blowing flavors together!

Every recipe I create has to look beautiful, be nutrient-dense, make you swoon with every bite, and leave you dreaming about having it again.

So, basically, I create every recipe like it's my last meal on earth, and I'm cooking for George Clooney!

When you love the food you're eating, it is easy to stick with healthy habits for long-term results.

Can we redefine "Skinny"?

Better health is not just about weight management. You may look "skinny" but what do the other markers say about your health?

What about your blood panels, sleep, energy levels, inflammatory markers, and bowel regularity?

The name "Skinny60" is not about fat-shaming or an obsession with being "thin".

In this community, SKINNY means: HEALTH, AWARENESS, and CONFIDENCE to make strong choices at any size.

And, it's YOU getting the "skinny" (information) about what YOUR body needs for better health.


Stephanie • Melbourne, Australia

“This is so easy and sustainable!"

"I joined because I wanted to see how good I could feel at 54. With menopause, I put on weight and couldn’t lose it, sleep was a problem, and I didn’t feel energized. With Skinny60, I got to my goal weight! I lost 17.5 pounds, and I know I can lose more really easily because the food is UNBELIEVABLE. You will be licking bowls!  Once you get past the first few weeks of being “activated” with the nutrition education and you’ve got your systems up and running, this is SO easy, and you can keep doing it! This is unlike any other program I’ve done. I did the 2 and 5 and Weight Watchers, and even though I had success, it was painful doing the actual diet, and I never felt like it was sustainable. This IS! The support with this program is incredible, the Facebook group is fantastic. It is a wonderful community to help you through your health journey. I cannot recommend this enough. It really will change your life!"


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