THANK YOU for being a founding member of the new YEARLY PASS.

We are excited to help you achieve better health; learn, grow, and open to new possibilities; and understand what motivates your choices to empower you to make better choices for better quality of life.

Incredible things can happen when you make your health a priority, set clear and actionable goals, and hold yourself accountable to achieving them.

Seize this opportunity to learn how to implement the SK60® principles in a more flexible way that enables you to make these healthy practices sustainable to implement long-term change.

You will get the most out of your investment if you stay engaged with us, choose to keep learning and growing, and remain open to all possibilities.


  • FOUR consecutive cycles of the 60-Day Reset
  • 12 MONTH access to Tess and the SK60® Team
  • 12 MONTH access to the SK60® dietitians
  • 12 MONTH Living Plate® extension
  • WEEKLY Dietitian Calls
  • WEEKLY Office Hours
  • DAILY Support Emails
  • FOUR Quarterly Planning Calls with Tess
  • One (1-Hour) Private 1:1 Video Call with Tess
  • SK60® Facebook Group

*Access the 60-Day Reset materials from the HUB.

Review the MEMBER FAQ for questions about your YEARLY PASS membership.


Here are the dates for the FOUR CYCLES for 2024.

Please add these dates to your calendar.

You will automatically receive the support emails for every cycle. I will be changing some parts of the support emails, and I encourage you to read them as the daily prompts will help to keep you on track, and the messages may resonate with you differently each cycle as you learn and grow, be more mindful, and take up the invitation to practice more self love in your life.

CYCLE #1: January 15th - March 14th
Prep Week: January 9th - 14th

2 WEEK BREAK: March 15th - April 2nd

CYCLE #2: April 8th - June 6th
Prep Week: April 2nd - 7th

4 WEEK BREAK: June 7th - July 7th

CYCLE #3: July 15th - September 12th
Prep Week: July 8th - 14th

CYCLE #4: September 23rd - November 21st
Prep Week: September 16th - 22nd

5 WEEK BREAK: November 22nd - January 8th 2025

As a Yearly Member, you have access to the live support (dietitian video calls, weekly office hours, email support, and personal access to me and the dietitians) for the FOUR cycles of the 60-Day Reset for 2024. You cannot transfer a cycle to 2025.

If you choose to join subsequent cycles in 2025, you can either join one cycle OR renew your Yearly Membership.

You are now a Founding Member and your Yearly Member fees will never increase.


You have access to FOUR quarterly planning calls on the Saturday BEFORE each cycle begins to set clear and actionable goals for each cycle.

These Zoom calls will be with me.  Please come prepared to discuss what you want to achieve.

Watch the recordings on this page.


July 13th at 2PM PST
September 21st at 2PM PST




872 4691 1011



+12532158782,,87246911011#,,,,*606060# US (Tacoma)
+13017158592,,87246911011#,,,,*606060# US (Washington DC)



You have committed to the SK60® System for one whole year.

You have made a CHOICE to make your health and wellness a priority.

You have made a PROMISE to yourself to grow, to be open to change, to make mindful decisions, and to practice self love.

So, COMMIT to this choice. GO ALL IN, and make the most of this opportunity.

You have invested in us, and we will invest in you. Use the support that is available to you. Join the weekly Office Hours, Monthly Check-In calls, and Quarterly Planning calls to get personal support.

It is TIME to SET NEW GOALS, and realistic time frames for when you want to achieve these goals.

I can help you with this during the Quarterly Check-In calls.

I recommend having goals for the YEAR, and then specific goals for each cycle.

DREAM BIG for this year, and when you think you are dreaming too big, take a deep breath, and give yourself permission to dream BIGGER.

Be BOLD and create stretch goals to achieve big things this year.


WHAT do you want to achieve this year?


YEARLY GOAL: (Example) I want to lose 50 pounds, sleep through the night, wake up with energy, solidify healthy eating habits, exercise every day, and make self care a daily practice that is second nature like brushing my teeth."

FIRST CYCLE GOAL: (Example) I want to lose 20 pounds, stop my late night snacking, reduce my sugar cravings, and be more organized with my food prep so that I don't grab for convenience foods."

It can be more than that. But, my point is to get more granular with your focus for each cycle, so you don't feel like you are taking a stab at EVERYTHING every cycle.

Then, you can look at your "WINS" at the end of each cycle, celebrate them, and then BUILD on them with each consecutive cycle.

WHO do you need on your team?

Who do you have in your personal life that supports you being the best version of you? And helps you believe you can do anything you want to do?

Keep those people close to you.

Conversely, WHO does NOT help you expand into your full potential.

It's time to let those people go. And, if you can't (if they are family members), then choose to "energetically" let go of their HOLD on your narrative and the story you are telling yourself.

WHO or WHAT do you need to "break up" with? (Literally or energetically.)


WHAT Limiting Beliefs Do You Have?


What story are you telling yourself?

The story you tell yourself is what manifests in your life.

Will you CHOOSE to embrace the "I CAN, I WILL" attitude?

Are you a "Yes...and?" person?

Or, are you a No...but! person.

Or, are you CHOOSING to hold yourself back with limiting beliefs?

If the negative narrative of "It's too hard. I can't do it. I always screw up. I will fail" story is dominating your thoughts, it's time to SHUT THAT DOWN.

Would you talk to your best friend like that?

HAVE A TALK with your inner child.

You know....the scared part of yourself that appears when you are taking bold action to steer your life in a new direction?

We all have that inner child, and her/his voice is loud and powerful, and beats with a big drum.

The beautiful child in you wants things to stay the same....because that is what she/he knows. But, she/he just wants to be loved and known.

Listen to the voice inside you that screamed out for CHANGE and MORE LOVE when you signed up for this program.

The better angels inside you CHOOSE SOMETHING BETTER. (You are here.)

The better champions within you WANT BETTER HEALTH. (Your body has already told you this during your time on the program.)

So, CHOOSE to DO what needs to be done this year to BE BETTER.

CHOOSE more change this year.

CHOOSE more love this year.

And CHOOSE to show up for yourself.

Because nobody else is going to do it for you.

Decide that this year is YOUR TIME.


As a Yearly Member, you have the opportunity to schedule a personal 1:1 video call with me at any time during the year that works with both of our schedules.

You may schedule this call at any time until December 22nd, 2024.

These calls will last for one hour, and you will receive a recording of the call to watch at your leisure.


To schedule your call, choose an available time from Tess's schedule using this link:

To maximize your results with this private call, please be extremely organized and prepared with what you want to discuss with me. (One hour goes very quickly.)

Get CLEAR about what you want to dig into in order to overcome the obstacles that prevent you from expanding into your full potential.

I advise you to book your session when you are ready to be brave, show up for yourself, be present with me, and have a very honest conversation. Those of you who have joined Office Hours know that I ask very direct questions in order to get to the core issues.

It is this honesty and courage that will help us have some breakthroughs together.

OR, you can simply ask me practical questions about ingredients, recipes, and strategies for eating out, traveling, and feeding your partner and/or family.

We will record the call so you don't have to take notes, and can watch the replay at your leisure.  We will delete our copy to protect your privacy. So, the call is just for your records.

I look forward to speaking privately with you!



What's included in the Yearly Pass?

  • Access to the Live Support for the FOUR consecutive cycles of the 60-Day Reset from the date of purchase. 
  • FOUR quarterly group check-in calls with Tess at the beginning of each cycle to set goals and track your progress.
  • One (1-Hour) 1:1 Video Call with Tess.
  • 12 Month Living Plate® membership. So, you have uninterrupted access to the meal planning software.

Can I transfer part of my yearly membership to other years?

No, the Yearly Pass can only be used for the four consecutive cycles from the date of purchase.

Will I have access to Living Plate® during the hiatus period between cycles?

Yes! We will extend your membership for 12 months so you have uninterrupted access to the meal planning software to track your nutrient intake.

Will the quarterly calls be in my time zone?

We have scheduled the quarterly planning calls for 12PM PST on the Saturday before DAY 1 of each cycle to allow members in all time zones to join for part of the call or all of the call. You can get help with planning and/or sit and listen to the conversations with other members. You will also have access to the recording.

When will I do my 1:1 video call with Tess?

You may schedule your call at any time during the 12-month period of your Yearly Pass using an open time slot in Tess's calendar. You will receive a recording of your call so that you can watch it again at your leisure.