Do you need easy dinner recipes to get healthy? 

Make delicious meals your family will love in


5 Easy Healthy Dinners photo
5 Easy Dinners photo
  • We loved every single recipe!

    "We have all of The Blender Girl cookbooks, and have been following Tess for years. Every single recipe is a hit, and she has helped my husband and children love vegetables. Our family calls her creations "Tessipes"!  Do not miss making the African Stew. It is so incredible. 

    - Julie S - New York 


  • 1 MAKE DELICIOUS HEALTHY MEALS in less than 30 minutes that you and your family will enjoy!
  • 2 USE CLEVER FOOD COMBOS to kickstart your metabolism and improve digestion.
  • 3 COOK WITH FABULOUS FLAVORS so that you’re excited for every meal and never feel deprived.


Veggie Skewers with Chimichurri

Lemon Asparagus Arugula Salad

Dreamy Cauliflower Soup

Super Spinach Salad

Creamy Stew with Cauliflower Rice

Ready to make incredible dinners in 30 minutes?

5 Healthy Dinners photo
  • Who knew veggies could be so delicious?

    "Our neighbor brought some of the Cauliflower Soup over to our house, and we could not believe how amazing and creamy it tasted. So we got the book, and made all of the recipes. WOW. This food is so easy and so good. Even my husband can make the recipes, and we both love them. The arugula salad is such a quick easy meal with some grilled fish. It has become our new favorite dinner." 

    - Dorothy P - San Diego


SK60® About Tess 2

I want to be your health champion!

I’m a chef and author of The Blender Girl cookbooks, and my passion is making healthy food taste decadent and delicious so you are excited to it!

And, when you love the food you eat, being healthy is easy and fun.

The Skinny60® recipes have all been developed in consultation with registered dietitians, and are geared towards nutrient balance and strategically combined for better digestion. And my superpower is putting mind-blowing flavors together. So, because the food tastes so amazing and makes you feel so good, you will want to eat it and keep eating it! So, it becomes easy to change your habits to lose weight and keep it off long term.

I LOST 35 pounds using the Skinny60® System!

For most of my life, I ate healthy, exercised regularly, had a fast metabolism, and never put on weight. ( of those people.) Until I turned 40....and everything changed. My hormones shifted, and a hectic schedule writing books and touring helped me pack on 30 pounds. I had a bloated bulging belly and saddlebags, I felt heavy and tired, and looked like a puffed up blowfish.

So, I developed the Skinny60® clean eating and wellness system in consultation with some of the most respected doctors and dietitians in the country. I lost 35 pounds, and I had more energy than I had ever had in my life. I put a group of beta testers through the 60-day program, and the weight-loss and health transformations were extraordinary! Then, I created the 7-Day Kickstart, and was amazed at the results people were getting in just one week.

So, if you're feeling overwhelmed, defeated, lost, and unsure what to eat to take back control of your relationship with food, try these recipes and see for yourself how good they make you feel!


By using the word, “skinny”, I am not fat-shaming you or suggesting that you should be "thin" like the air-brushed models in magazines. And, if you happen to be perceived as “skinny”, I am not proclaiming you to be “unattractive, scrawny, or emaciated.”

For me, SKINNY means: HEALTH, AWARENESS, and CONFIDENCE to make strong choices at any size. And, you set your personal goals from there!

And, in slang terms, “skinny” means “information” or "the lowdown". For example: The skinny on metabolism, the skinny on better digestion, the skinny on food combining, and more.

I have a ton of really delicious low carb, sugar-free recipes that make healthy living accessible and fun.

And, I want to share them with you so you can lose weight and love your food, too!